Graphic Design & Branding


 We provide custom logos and graphic designs for branding your business

Branding & Design Offerings

Logo Package

A logo is the first impression your business makes on potential clients. We work together to create a primary logo with variations that best represent your business! You will receive a full lockup logo alongside a wordmark logo and a brandmark.

Branding Kit

Looking to refine your brand recognition with consistent typography and colors? Let’s work together to create a look you love! We will choose a typeface with a variety of fonts and a color palette to use in your marketing to keep your branding consistent. This can be added onto the logo package (the main element of your branding).

Digital Advertisements

Advertising your business online is a proven way to attract clients virtually. To create and keep brand recognition, it is important to keep your digital ads aligned with your branding. Hire Fell Creative to design branded advertisements to use in ad campaigns for both digital and print.

Layout Design

We use InDesign to create layouts for your portfolios, newsletters, zines and more.

Social Media Graphics

Looking to start organic or paid social media promotion but in need of marketing materials? Fell Creative can design you branded graphics you can publish across social channels to reach your target audience!

Business Cards

When out networking or meeting someone new, it is helpful to have a business card to give out. A physical card can leave a positive impression and create an easy avenue for prospective clients to become your customers. We can design you branded business cards and even direct you to reputable print platforms to order from.

Event Posters

We would love to design a creative and groovy event poster to promote your next event! Events are what bring people together, which we largely value, so we would be honored to create some excitement for your upcoming experience.

Label Design

Crafting your own beverage or other creation and looking for a label? We design custom labels for bottles, cans, and more! 

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Every design is entirely unique – no templates here! Our pricing is tailored to match your exact graphic needs. Fill out our client intake form and we’ll get back to you with a quote for your specific project.


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