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Our digital marketing firm needed a website that would list our services, host client intake forms, and most importantly, demonstrate our web design capabilities to prospective clients. This site was built to represent the professional finished products we can make for other businesses. The site would need a visual element to pair with the written content to create an aesthetically pleasing experience for the user.


Designing our own website allowed us to showcase our Web UX and design skills, understand the WordPress Divi builder inside and out, and learn new design tools through experimentation.

We kept the user experience in mind throughout the build to create a seamless click-through workflow for clients navigating the site. We also made sure to have plenty of information about our services so clients could understand our offerings up front.

For the visual experience, we explored abstract concepts through the form of shapes, lines and color gradients. Graphic design played a large role in providing visual elements to the site. We created abstract designs that would appear 3D and add depth to our site. We made multiple renditions to the graphics to provide the eye with variety.

To portray our past work, we designed each portfolio page with unique graphics using the project’s original color palette. This allowed us to demonstrate our ability to work with any set of colors, as we give our clients creative freedom to choose any palette that appeals to them.


| CURATED IN 2022 |

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