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Looking to Grow Your New Venture?

In today’s digital world, it is more important that ever to build your online presence. It is critical to represent your business’ products or services online so customers can understand your business offerings.

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Drive Conversions

Your website will prove to new customers what sets you apart and why they should choose your business. Your website is key in helping convert potential clients into paying customers!

Build Your brand

Represent your business with a consistent brand identity online to aid in building your brand recognition.

Show off your competitive edge

Your website is a chance to make an impression on prospective clients before they meet you in person. Invest in a professionally-designed website with SEO, and you will attract clients virtually.


Your website is a revenue generating asset for your business.

Your site is your 24/7 sales person selling your products and services FOR you!

Therefore, it is critical to have a well-maintained, professionally-designed site to represent you and your business on and off the clock.

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We Strive to support & empower entrepreneurs

Your Web Design Package Includes:

Free Initial Consultation

During your initial meeting with Lead Designer, Mackenzie Fell, we focus our efforts on getting to know you and your business. We will discuss your design goals and business needs in depth so we can curate the best design to represent your offerings.

Customized Web Design

Every business is unique, so we completely customize every website to fulfill your business needs and set you apart. We strive to understand you and your ideal customer profile so we can tailor our design to fit your target audience.


SEO is a critical step we take seriously in developing a website. We use keywords, keyphrases, meta data, and SEO analysis tools to optimize your website for google. These tactics improve the ranking of your website in search engine listings.

Responsive Design

Our websites are always designed to be fully responsive to any browser size including viewing on tablet and mobile device view.

Website Content Document

After our initial consultation, you will receive our Website Questionnaire where you share exactly what content and visual look you’d like for your website. This is where you share the nitty-gritty of your exact project needs.


To make your website more engaging for the user, we incorporate animations and transitional effects into all of our website designs. We utilize mouseover effects so that clickable links and images transform as you hover your mouse over the module.

Two Review Sessions

Over the course of the design process, you will meet twice with Fell Creative to make sure we are on the right track to fit your design goals. We provide you with multiple opportunities to share feedback and request edits for your site design.

Option for On-going Edits post Launch

For on-going edits needed after your site is officially launched, you have the option to either hire Fell Creative to make these edits for you on an hourly basis, or you can request a 1 hour training session so you can learn how to edit your site on your own!

Pricing Questions

Every website design is entirely unique – no templates here! Our pricing is tailored to match your exact web design needs. Fill out our client intake form and we’ll get back to you with a quote for your specific project.


Tell us a bit about you and your business and schedule your initial consultation!